I have a beautiful Les Paul Classic that I don't really want to get rid of, but it's really heavy. It weighs at least 9 pounds, and while it's easy to play neck-wise after moving around with that beast for a few songs my neck/back starts to hurt.

I have a pretty cheap strap, I'm hoping to find one that will add some comfort and maybe distribute the weight of the guitar a little better.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Buy an acyrlic? They weigh at least 16 pounds The les paul will feel light in comparison...
straps make the difference, instead of getting a cool like, skull one. get a really nice leather strap and your back won't hurt.

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planet waves makes a really wide padded strap,
most leather ones would be good too
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No.1 stretch strap from thomann. i have one, very comfy to use and does make the guitar lighter to handle
work out
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definitely leather
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get a levys black leather strap thats like 3 inches wide. you wont even know your holding your guitar lol
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aww im getting this guitar.. i best start working out.. its worth it for the epic sustain
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i'm built like a streak of pi55 in the wind, so i use a gibson 3" strap on my les paul. I prefer heavy guitars though, dont really hurt me
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Lol 9lbs?

That's light.
My guitar weighs like 14, and that's not that heavy with a strap.

Acrylics are heavy. Go test one of them out for an hour or two, then you won't whine about your LP's weight problem.

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dude just keep on playing with the strap... your back will get used to it after a while.
9 pounds is nothing.
i used to march around with a 50 pound drum hanging off my chest.
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Just use a leather strap like everybody else said....
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work out

Haha be me to it. Squats are a good exercise, long as you do it right and don't hurt yourself. Any back strengthening exercises in a gym could help you out =P.
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