So I got a pack of three Lace Sensor strat pickups and decided I would install them myself. I've never done this before so I was extra careful. I followed the diagram exactly and double checked the connections, but whenever I plug it in all it does is hum whenever you touch a piece of metal on the guitar and whenever you turn the volume up, it works until 10 and then cuts out. So I'm thinking it must be my wiring, but is there any other input before I go get it redone? Also, as I was installing them I noticed the site said to use 250k pots for best results and I'm using 500k pots. Would that prove to be any problem either?
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Meh... I have Lace sensors in a fat strat of mine; those are reds and sound MUCH better though 500K pots.

Anyway, it sounds like either you have a faulty volume pot or the way you wired that (and that alone) is wrong. But I'm really not very experienced in the matter...