hey UG community, I recently wrote a song and now that i am done i decide to relize that i should write this out on a staff and what not when i also realized that i dont know what im doing. I know the top number is what gets one beat and i know the bottom note tells how many beats per bar. I have a particularly fast strumming song and i cant figure a time signature. just a little thing that doesnt fully matter but i want a very.... diverse time signature. I don't want to be one of those artists who write everything in 4,4 time I want to have some strange time signatures. not saying that I'm not doing 4,4 time at all but you know i preferably wont. If you are willing to help ill try to put up and mp3 on my page with the guitar for my song.

slight experience needed in music theory and major/minor in time signature

also i am sending the song to more than one person and I am also accepting critique on the piece so thanks for the help if any.
the top number is how many beat per measure... like 3/4 has 3 beats.
the bottom tells how to write one beat... kinda confusing, like 4/4 means quarter notes equal one beat but 4/2 means half notes get one beat
you could write it in a fast 12/8, still has 4 beats, but itd be cool to write

and gibsonfirebirds right
i could have swore that my thing said that the top number was what i said before. actually i knew that the top number is how many beats per measure but then i saw the page and i thought "I am living a lie" so thanks for that i gotta remember that. stupid piece of paper. 12/8 wow that would be interesting. I think i will experiment with your offer spike.....
12/8 is common a blues time signature. Time signatures can be brilliant fun. Me and a friend had a competition to see who could write the best song in the weirdest time signature. He wrote one in 7/8 and i wrote one 11/8. 5/4 and 13/8 are fun too - experiment.