Hey people,

Having played for about 2 or 3 weeks and I’ve come across my first issue that I’m hoping you can help me with.

When I’m practicing scales I’m finding that I accidentally hammer-on the second (or third) not on the string. So I’m getting a stuttering kinda sound. Instead of dah dah dah, I’m getting dah da-ah da-ah if you get what I’m saying.

Is there something I can do to prevent this or is it just a matter of practicing enough so that I learn to fret and pick the string at the same time.

practice slow and precise, with a metronome. Practise makes perfect. pay attention to detail, so. Slower is better, then build speed. Goodluck

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Sounds like all you need to do it coordinate your picking hand with your fretting hand, which you would improve by practicing things that include fretting and picking notes (Pretty much just basic playing).
so is it just an issue with you fretting the note before you pick it?

either way you should always, always start slow and deliberate. make sure you can play something slow then move up in speed.
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You probably spot on about me trying to go to fast

I'm teaching myself guitar with the help of guitartricks but when I was learning drums my teacher would Constantly be telling me to slow down. Even to the point where I turned up for lessons one day to see a post-it note on each drum head with "Slow Down" written on it.
Yeah if you practice slowly then it's easier to control how hard you hit the next fret. Then when you try to speed up it'll seem a lot easier and smoother.

Trust me, I learned that the hard way.
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Play slower and build speed when you get the hang of it.
Like my dad always says, "If you're playing fast and wrong, that's how you'll learn it. Start out slow and go faster when you learn to play it slow."
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You trying to force your playing. You forcing your fret hand to slam the note in and pick. That's where you da-ah da-ah is coming from. Just take everybody's advice and just slowly build up. I did the same thing in my first couple weeks. (I'm only in month 3 now) I'm by no means an expert but I know once I started slowing myself down learning piece by piece I was able to gain speed and play the song close to if not at the normal tempo pretty flawlessly.

Good Luck

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