Get your mind out of the gutter. I'm practicing on improving my speed so right now I'm doing a 3 note per string pull shred thing and I was wondering something.

Say I'm playing it really high on the fretboard, its like this

1 b2 b3

Is it discouraged to use your index, middle, and ring finger for this? It's incredible hard for me to use my pinky on the upper frets. That's how I'm practicing the lick, but I was just wondering if it's "normal" to do this up higher on the fretboard?
Make the title a little more descriptive, i thought it was about fingerina a- you know nevermind.

Practice with yor pinky, itll help in the long run.

Yes, poop.
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use your pinky

this thread is gonna make me laugh
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This man has the right idea.

oh yeahhh
just gett in there and finger the bitch!!!(your guitar)
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Pinky, the only exception is if you have serious giant fingers. Playing at around the 17th position and higher is a bit of a squeeze, but it gets easier over time.

One fun thing you can do while improvising - make something up on the fly in the 5th position. It can be anything. Play the same thing one octave higher in the 17th position. Back to 5th position, repeat process til you've had your fill. It's fun to do, and as well as helping play high up the neck, it's great for building your memory of what you've just played while making stuff up on the fly.