im half decent at guitar and can play an awesome riff or two but now i realize that i cant note things on a staff like half notes, quarter notes, eigth notes, etc. but really i dont know what other kinds there are. i know there are sixteenth and stuff but i dont know how to write these on a staff and what ones are after sixteen. I am writing a song with a fast chord progression and can't tell what to do. Also for a time signature what would be a good signature and with what notes if i used 11 fast notes in one measure. very vague but you know. I could supply an mp3 on my page if you want for an easier time. I can be flexible. thanks for the help
if you're playing 11 even notes in a bar, it's probably 11/8 time, but what's more likely is that those notes aren't all even. An mp3 would be neccesary for us to make a judgement. 16th notes are like 8th notes except with 2 lines over the top instead of one. http://www.music.vt.edu/musicdictionary/texts/images/Semiquaver.jpg After that there are semidemiquavers - I'm guessing these would be called 32nd notes..? and beyond that you're getting into grace note territory.