what would you say is the better way to learn guitar and why: learning skills before you play songs or playing songs to learn skills? i would say i use a bit of both... what about you? i just randomly started thinking about this and wanted to see what yall had to say
im using playing songs to learn skills since im not really going to guitar lessons
some things, its skills
alternate picking, trem picking, palm muting, accuracy, etc.
but those are mainly techniques and not skillzzzz

i'd say left hand skills like sweep picking, tapping, general riffing all are better to learn as songs first. iono for most people but for me, the first way i learn to tap is pretty much the only way i can tap is the first way i learned it. same with sweeping.. i mean i can tap other ways but i have to really force it.. like circle vibratos (WTF STEVE VAI WTF IS THAT??)
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Songs for skills is a good way to motivate you to play, too. And you feel pretty good about yourself once you get the skills down.
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Well, I did the same as the other guys, and did the songs first. But that's only because I got into guitar just as a way of playing songs, and then one day I found I knew all this stuff without actually trying. So I guess that's the best way to do it.
nobody picks up a guitar because they want to learn "skills", they want to play songs.
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nobody picks up a guitar because they want to learn "skills", they want to play songs.

Well, while that is true, some certainly see it that they want to be really good, and play solos to songs, and that they should practice the "Mad Skills" needed to pull it off. I've known people who start playing guitar, and practice hammer-ons and pull offs all day just to learn eruption, and they couldn't tell me what a G chord is. Probably a very rare thing, but the point Iwas making is I just started off trying to make the same sounds I heard on a record, and I didn't really give a damn about playing the lead parts or anything. But then I realised that more and more I had to do this because that's how the stuff I like is made up, so I found that I could just do hammer-ons and pull offs after a while without even really trying.

Ach what the hell, I don't think that made any sense, but my brain is dead at work after only 3 hours of sleep last night, a freezing cold office and a pro-plus overdose. I hope you get the drift
id say choose songs first and work on the skills needed through exercises and stuff while learning them.