John petrucci - Glasgow kiss
Eric Johnson- Cliffs of Dover
Steve Vai- For the Love of God
JerryC-canon Rock
Steve Vai
Blotted Science
Spastic Ink
Liquid Tension Experiment
Sleep Terror
Guthrie Govan

Any solos by them
Something that's easy(er) than the above is Metallica's Orion. It's a fun song to play, especially the solo work
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Glasgow kiss
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joe satriani-friends or always with me always with you
and, if you want a ridiculous solo to learn SRV- Rude Mood
the trooper-iron maiden
floods- pantera
anything by hendrix or gnr

I picked songs with a great riff and a decent solo because solo's aren't really that important. They all have good solos though
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If your interested in something acoustic, you should check out 'Nights Sorrow', by Becoming The Archetype...amazing song, it's pretty difficult though.
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I'm listening to Desire-Gary Hoey right now, so I guess that.

And anything by Gilbert, Satriani, Buckethead,Eric Johnson, etc.
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Fade to Blue, by Gary Hoey. its off his album Animal Instinct.

actually, if you could tab that song out for me while your at it, i would love you forever! haha
Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways
Gary Moore - The Loner
Pantera - Hollow
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