I'm going to buy a Mac laptop.

I'm just not sure if should get the Mac Book or the Mac Book pro.

I want to put Pro Tools on it and put some other recording software on it but I'm not sure if the regular Mac Book can handle it or do I have to get the pro version. I'm looking to record my Guitar and Drums.

Which one should I get?
Macbook Pro is MADE for Pro Tools.

Speaking of pro tools, this is the worst time in history to buy a Macbook. Wait for the new ones.
If you're determined on a Mac laptop, the Mac Book Pro. It has a bigger screen which you will appreciate alot once you start using Protools. I have a 22" widescreen monitor for my desktop and even it isn't big enough for me when working with ProTools.
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For mixing, recording, video editing, I'd recommend the Pro. That's what I'm using. It has better hardware, dedicated graphics, better hard drive. It will handle the heavy stuff better than the macbook.
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