Well, the title says almost enough. Can you alternate fingerpick, may someone give me tips and hint, maybe something to practice? Thanks in advance.
Do you mean single note alternate picking with your fingers? Or chord type fingerpicking?
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Yeah, I'm a bit confused as to what your question is...
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Monotonic bass like Mans Lipscombe or Mississippi John Hurt style [which I think you mean]? Go to you-tube and check him out.
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He either means switching between your index and ring finger to fingerpick on a single string. Or an advance technique I've never seen played whereby one would play a note with an index finger or other like normal but then flick it back to play another note, which would be interesting.
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bpazolli is right. My question was, have you seen anyone playing something with fingers, and alternating between upstroke and a downstroke with either the index, middle or ring finger (simultaneously). Like using your nails as a picks, but the difference is that you've got 5 fingers. I've tried it before and almost shat myself trying, it was hellova difficult. So can anyone give some advice, anything?
try learning "hey there deliah" by plain white t's. thats prolly the first song i learned to play using alternative picking.
you use your thumb or pick to play the lower string while using your pointer or middle finger for the higher string being played. its difficult the first time.
Try alternative thumb picking . The thumb rhythmically beats out 1,2,3,4 usually on the 6th and 4th strings while the the fingers might pick in what's called a 'pinch' pick on one of the lower strings [same timing on either of the 1,2,3,4 of the main beats...try the 1,3 beats for starters], but then will throw in some lower string picks between the main 1,2,3,4 alternate thumb picks. ! and 2 and 3 and 4. Try to hit some notes on the 'and'. Try the 'pinch' first and then try to throw in some in-between notes on the 'and' while maintaining the steady 1,2,3,4 rhythm of the thumb. Listen to Mississippi John Hurt on you-tube to get the idea. 'My Creole Belle' is his simplest tune in this style and the first I learned. Check it out on you-tube. Sounds bloody fantastic when you get it down [if you want the TAB let me know].

Try getting the on the 6th and 4th strings going comfortably and slowly and then with each 1,3 pick the high E at the same time as the thumb [a pinch] which gives the general idea. When comfortable with that, try the same thing but pluck the high E in- between the thumb's 1,2 or 3,4 on the 'and' [in between] note, but keep the rhythm of the thumb steady on the 1,2,3,4 beat. That's the very very basics of the style and of course the other lower strings come into play after understanding the above basics. On harder pieces of his it sound like 2 guitars playing. A very nice picking style. Interestingly, his nails are short and he just uses the meat of his fingers. The same style can be used with finger nails or even metal picks. It really is a hypnotic finger style sound, but it's not easy to master and to keep that 1,2,3,4 rhythm of the thumb going when things are getting quite complex for the other fingers.
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^ playing bass lines with the tumb is cool.

But that is not what he is talking about. Read his post a few posts up.
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man if django could do what he did with 3 fingers. ignore the rules and if it hasnt been done be the first! do you think the first classical guitarist to use tremelo effect asked if it was o.k to do so!. Good luck