Title says it all.

Ceriatone is kinda expensive compared to the others especially since you need speakers along with head.

Which would be best in terms of sound quality, bedroom friendliness, gigs...you get the idea.

I know they are all terrific amps, but I can't decide which one I want. I'm about to buy the Ceriatone but then I heard the Traynor YCS50 and I thought it also sounded amazing and wasn't too pricey either.

I want to see ur input before I actually buy a Ceriatone...or maybe one of the Traynors. Compare these amps pleaseee!!!!
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Traynor is 2 year warranty very usefull :O
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Just my opinion, but I'd go with Ceriatone, its a little more expensive but when buying gear, I've never once regretted saving up a little more for just a little better.

The Ceriatone with a good pair of speakers will never be short of tone for as long as you play.
I would get the Ceriatone or YCS50. The YCS can switch down to 15 watts which helps a bit in the bedroom playing department. The Ceriatone will have the best classic rock and blues sounds though. The YCS will have lots of versatility and some good-great tones.
I haven't played the YCS, but the YCV is a great marshally sounding amp. If you want a marshall sound I would look more closely at the YCV than YCS which is more of an american sounding amp. I didn't play a whole lot with the YCV, but the time I spent with it I was able to get an amazing sound crunch out of it and awesome lead tones with the boost engaged. If I hadn't found an F30 I probably would have gotten this amp.
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You know, you can get the 18w in a combo
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You know, you can get the 18w in a combo

Still need to buy a speaker/speakers.
Would it be better to buy a 1x12 speaker or a 2x12 speaker cab for the 18 watt head?
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I think 1x12 sounds boxy. Maybe an open back wouldn't be too bad, generally, I like 2x12's in general, fuller and richer tone, more bass response and not as inconvenient as a 4x12. You're going to want to be able to push the speaker to get a little bit of breakup, but you don't want to blow them out either. People here will tell you that its ok to match wattages, but I've heard plenty of accounts of people blowing out a 50 watt Celestion Greenback loaded cab with a 40 watt solid state rectified JTM45.

I'd suggest a 2x12 with a pair of 15 watt Weber silver bells or blue dogs. If you're attenuating slightly with a PPIMV, it should not damage anything. I'm looking at a 2x12 with these myself (though I'd go for a pair of 30 watt blue dogs for my 30 watt JTM45).
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