Damien, very nice guitar

Plus once you buy it, I can steal it and add it to my collection
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ew damien's are nasty. the trem breaks easily and it goes out of tune like crazy. the body wood is all nasty and retarded. necks are like forearms. my friend bought one and i tried it. i thought it was alright until it went out of tune... in like 1 minute.. the floyd on that thing doesnt go back. it's in a cavity and the wood blocks from pulling on it. never tried omen.

*putting up flame-shield*. you cant do anything to me now :P im not coming back here again
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Don't get the Damien FR. The licensed Floyd is cheap and will break. If you're tight on cash, get the standard Damien 6. It's a great guitar, put together very nicely, and has great sound for what you're paying.
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Damiens seem more impressive (The EMGs and the optional FR)...

But the Omen is much better quality.

The trems are the "licencened floyd rose" which often has the reputation of sucking.

The omen is a very bare-bones guitar that was built for simplicity and quality. If you're getting a cheap Schecter, get the omen.
What I know is that Damien > Omen in the Schecter line.
but you know, the Floyd in Damien will not hold for long. If you want to abuse the whammy you would be better off buying a Hellraiser FR. These go for around $600 second handed. Save the $200~ on a new OFR

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