I have Dish Network but I have a off brand no name satalite dish outside. I ordered a new reciever because I wasn't getting my local channels and I got it today. Plugged it in at my dads ( he has a dish network dish) and got it activated the local channels worked but when I brought it home and hooked it up I don't have local channels again. This just seems weird every channel except those work. Anyone ever had this problem? You think the off brand dish would be keeping me from getting my local channels??? A new dish is $60 so I don't want to spend the money if thats not the problem.

by LazyLatinoRocke
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it shulddnt be ur dish. call up 1 of the techs and have him come look at it.
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Actually I believe it is your dish, when I ordered my local channels they had to put an add on or something on mine. Call them up and ask.