Not really into straight instrumental, but getting no feedback sucks worse than getting ****ty feedback so I'll give you my 0.02:

Egyptian song - generic egyptian sounding tune, not that interesting imo.

Breathing room - cool main riff, like the sound of the guitar with the funky distortion. Not a huge fan of the first sound change around 1 minute (where you move from the riff into a little solo...) 2nd shift/solo, after the 2min mark sounds pretty cool. Not really digging the "computer blips" or chops that you add in after the 3 minute mark.

Thefeel - very nice sounding soft sounding tune. Solos compliment the backing track pretty nicely imo. Nothing negative to say about this one

On the move - again love the intro, distorted guitar sounds great and the little high pitch riffs in there are cool. The solo that kicks in at 1:30 leaves something to be desired, just doesn't sound that great to me. Solo at 2:30 or so after tempo change sounds good.

All in all sounds good to me, but I'm not probably the best person to comment on strictly instrumental tracks since I would never listen to them in my spare time ><
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Hey Man,

Here are some thoughts I had. But this is just me everyone's different.

On the move - I like it, but after the first half I would take out the little bell-like guitar doing the doo-duh, doo-ding. It's good for the intro though.

In the feel I think when it transition from the intro you should take out the light guitar that backs the "heavier rift" then keep it in again for the solo. Does that make sense? Cool solo!

Breathing room - I Love the solo but I would kick up the speed just a hair. That solo is really energetic, kinda Santana-Esque, but I think you could showcase your skills if that part was a bit faster.

The Egyptian song - I love it as it is, but I think, from a fan standpoint they will expect more of a twist on the idea. Such as start it like you did and then come in with a heavy riff, maybe even use it as a segway into another song. System of a down did a kind of tribal aborigine (sp?) piece after Aerials in their CD, I think it was a cool touch.

Overall man I think you have some cool stuff just keep working on it and progressing. You definately have some skill.

Oh and do you listen to Buckethead. Most people think he's just thrash and shred, but he does alot of blues/funk/psychadelic stuff I think you'd like. He has ALOT of songs, so if you Youtube him just keep searching through, he is very diverse.