hey there UG, im in the band Johnny Shotgunn, and we're looking for a second guitarist in the band.

we need mostly rhythm guitar, though id like to be able to do harmonys and trade off solos sometimes.

we play a variety of rock type music, ranging from classic rock type to almost metal

you may have seen us play before... although unlikely, we performed recently at Dylan O'Connors on Pembina at a battle of the bands (and won). and we played at Wiseguys on campus last spring. there was a large hiatus for a while but we are a serious band and will be looking into gigging alot asap.

so anyway if your interested give me a shout, our myspace is in my sig if your interested, check out the song "Just the Fear and Loathing" its the newest, best quality, and best example of our music.
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Lol dude we were born on the exact same day.
Fear the Evil Chainsaw Wielding Penguin...
what sort of amp do you have? you didnt have any listed on your profile. also you'd need a way to get out here frequently for practice, its about a half hour drive maybe
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i dont have an amp...
thats what im trying to get...

right now im using my girlfriends amp...

hmmm... i dont know...
im going to go out on a limb and assume its not a very good/ powerful one