Live in the Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg area. Im just looking to maybe get into something serious and do some stuff of our own. I play mostly metal-core riffs, you know, harmonized riffs like KsE/BFMV and such.

If you live in the Virginia area or in Maryland, somewhere near VA, not too far, hit me up. I'd really look forward to start something serious or join a band.

-Let me know, Thanks!
I've been trying to start a band for too f***ing long bro, I'm out in Charlottesville and if your interested in a die hard metal head bassist, PLEASE let me know here on the blog or comment my pro or send an e-mail at Omniphant@hotmail.com
yah me to i play lead and have been trying to start a band forever just cant find a damn drummer i live in yorktown tho