anybody know how to get gameboy games (like the old pokemon games) on my ipod classic?
if it makes a difference, it's a 6th gen.
and I'm pretty good with computers and files, so if it takes a little work, chances are, I'll be up for it
You'd need an emulator designed for an iPod, which I don't know how that would work because you wouldn't be able to get the button configuration done well. And you'd also have to get past anything Apple threw in to keep you from putting stuff on your iPod.
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You can't, I have a 6th generation Classic as well, and the things are pretty much un-modifiable as far as I know (I haven't tried to do anything fancy with it in several months).

And besides, how the hell would the controls work?
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u cant hack the new ipod

QFT...so far

I'd suggest checking out the ipod-linux site for info as well.
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