hey UG. im looking at trying out for my schools jazz band this year on bass (i was in it for bari sax last year) and when i tried out last year the piece i played wasnt quite good. does anyone know an impressive tune i could play for my audition on bass? id greatly appreciate any suggestions.
Jaco Pastorius, notably Portrait of Tracy. There really isn't very much solo bass stuff you can do. Just show the director you can walk.
like grampastumpy said, you need to show him you can walk...

is this on electric bass or upright?

if it's electric, try maybe something like Joni Mitchell's 'The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines' (played by Jaco), which has some walking on electric, but also some flourishes
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Walk something with a good few changes properly and the spot will be yours. The director won't give a **** if you can play extremely fast 16th note runs. He will give a **** if you walk(swingingly) over a standard.
yeah just make sure sure you can swing around any progression he can throw at you,
and maybe an impressive piece will help, if you play it perfect, never go above your head for an audition,

but anyway, i've always found donna lee an impressive sounding (and looking) tune on bass or guitar, so that would be a good choice i guess (it's ofcouse by parker, and there's a nice bass version by jaco)

or look up some jhohn pattitucci, not fast but impressive to the ear of a jazz band director i assure you

oh and most directors look if you have your own sound and own style, so just don't copy anyone and you'll be fine, goodluck
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go to the head of the class..."good-buy pork pie hat" a la charles mingus
Yeah, just show him you can walk over any changes he gives you. He is not going to be impressed by speed.
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