Now, I currently have a distortion pedal, a Boss DS-1, really nice pedal. But lately I've been wanting distortion that doesn't really "distort" per se. Like I don't want a very fuzzy kinda distortion sound, I want distortion that is almost like smooth, but heavy. So I guess I want it to sound heavy and distorted without fuzz and more high end and such. I can't quite find a pedal that can do this yet. Now, I don't play metal, so I'm not looking for like a "IT NEEDZ MORE BR00TAL!" kinda thing, you know? I just want a creamier distortion. So I'll wait and see what you guys come up with. xD
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Maybe the EH Metal Muff? Or a Big Muff Pi?

Both of those are pretty fuzzy sounding to me.
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Metal muff....fuzzy? you play with the top boost on? o.O
line 6 insane distortion is pretty much the most powerful non-fuzz distortion i have ever encountered. (I used to spend like an hour a day going through pedal/effects/amp sound clips on musiciansfriend)

and like the guy above me said, are you sure you want distortion and not overdrive?
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What amp
Tube Screamers will get the sound your after, also mess with the volume and tone knobs on your guitar.
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An analogue overdrive
I have two ideas here..

One is the Overdrive option. I'd recommend an 808 for creamier.

Secondly, the Vox Satchurator distortion pedal.
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What amp
this. You won't easily get that non-buzzy distorted tone out of a solid state amp.
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I'm currently using a Fender Blues Jr. which is indeed, a tube amp.
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Save up and buy a tube amp.

I have a tube amp....

So I guess the general consensus is that I should get an OD pedal. Thanks guys.
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I'm currently using a Fender Blues Jr. which is indeed, a tube amp.

Well then like I said before, a Keeley modded Ibanez TS9 or TS9DX or an Xotic BB Preamp. Also maybe a TS808.
The sansamp gt-2 is what you are looking for.

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