*ADDENDUM* I realize there is a tattoo thread, but people might comment there once a day, and I wanted some real feedback. Plus, this is not contributing to the general talk of tattoos, so I feel this thread's placement is justified *ADDENDUM*

I know that makes me sound like a n00b, but this is indeed my first tattoo- let me know what you think.

I hand-drew the calligraphy, which didn't come out quite as detailed as I want, but I'm still pleased. Touch-ups will come in a couple weeks, and nevermind the ****ty camera.

Text: Greek, "Εκ της τέφρας μου αναγεννώμαι" (From my ashes I am reborn)
I think that's a pretty cool idea dude. What part of your body did you get it done on?
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Sorry, I am a n00b... can't figure out the picture. I had one on there, apparently didn't take. I'll try to re-submit it.
Sorry again.