That's how the drummer in my band described my new song, called "Photocopied Fate." I'm 16 years old and I've been writing, recording, and producing my own music for a while now, but this is the first song I've ever done that involves me singing. Basically I had some ideas and didn't have a singer available, so I did it myself.

I'm not a singer, but I would appreciate some constructive criticism on my voice mainly. The song is kind of like a more energetic prog-rock thing. It's on my profile.

Thanks in advance.
this is some solid ****, man. I gotta say, I usually can't stand the sound of metal guitars, but mainly because I expect a screaming voice to accompany it. I really liked the way your voice worked in this. Very calm, and deep. Just work on pitch a little and it should be perfect. Understandable since this is your first time singing in a song. The solo part at 2:22 is really killer too.
really solid music man. i really like how you transition from verse-chorus-ect. very nice lyrics too. i'm not really a singer, but just a quick tip is to (as you probably already know) sing from your diaphram. you did an amazing job seeing as how you usually don't sing, but i think you have the potential to be a singer with a little work. also, i'm not sure how you recorded this, but i would bring out the bass kick a little more and cut back on the volume of the keys a little. my overall opinion, very impressive musical creativity with this song. keep up the good work man!