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Voters: 390.
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inb4 searchbar joke

I use black
R.I.P. Jeb

I have mine on black, so i can get a better look at my sig, self righteous I know but i dont care.

(i used to be a loyal servant to the god of classic though.)

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For the longest time I was using the black theme but then I got banned (it gets reset to classic when you're banned) and I haven't changed it back.
i prefer classic.

of course i never used to have an option. ive just grown accustomed to classic.

you kids ought to be grateful for all the options you have these days.
Quote by foob85
I'm searchbar color.

...yeah. But seriously; black.

The searchbar changed colour depending on the theme.

I use black.
I use them both, but I use classic just a bit more often than black.
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Tru dat, then at that point you're looking at the ladies more than the site so equal loss of eyesight.

Yea, but black is easier on the eyes
Black is definitely easier on the eyes.
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therefore TS is a liar, im neither majority or minority!


You disgrace my good name?

Good day sir
Upon entering the thread I changed from classic to black

Oh shi-
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Black - Zapp designed the site with the same scheme...
I only use black because it's easier to see which topics are hot etc., what I want is a plain black on white theme with the look of the current black one, kind of inverted.
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classic because black is harder to read

but black is cooler
I leik music
McLovin is my hero!

It's not the going that the pit cares about.
It's the coming.
I use black.

I remember someone around here mention that he uses black so as to save the earth, energy consumption etc.
I think you're talking about the color theme of your UG layout?

I've never changed it so...classic?
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