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Which artist do you have the most songs of?

For me, currently the Beatles are in first with 208 songs. Followed by Pink Floyd with 98, and Zeppelin with 86.

What about you guys? I imagine it'll probably be pretty much the 3 I already listed.
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Is there an easy and fast way of finding this out?

if you are in itunes, type in the name of the band/artist in teh search bar and then at the bottom of the window it should say something like '53 files, 2:30:46, 178mb'
if you do that and you still have covers and stuff, you can always highlight the songs you want and put them in a playlist and it will tell you there.

i have 170 atm for metallica, but thats only because i have loads of live stuff
82 dream theater
76 for nevermore (every album!)
73 for devin townsend
71 for opeth, and i think thats every album too

i have every album for some bands but for some its only 2 or 3 :S
Joe Satriani - 196
Steve Vai - 183
Blind Guardian - 178
Phil Keaggy - 123 (and I haven't even ripped all of his albums that I have yet)
Nightwish - 118
Opeth - 98 (^I have an audio rip of Lamentations, plus all bonus tracks)
Dream Theater - 91
Quote by which ones pink
Joe Satriani - 196
Opeth - 98 (^I have an audio rip of Lamentations, plus all bonus tracks)

damn you. i have the lamentations dvd but i lost the disc
Aerosmith are first, with every studio album they ever did, and then it's Guns N Roses, and then Metallica for some reason (I hardly ever listen to Metallica, only if I'm in a RRAAARRRGGHHH! Mood :p.
Dream Theater in high 200's and John Frusciante lower 200's
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Probably Pearl Jam because of the live stuff and bootlegs.
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Beatles by far with about 100 and Hendrix in second with about 35 lol

Most played song- "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"- Beatles
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I guess it would be Pink Floyd as I have their discography, rather than that? Porcupine Tree or Of Montreal...
...And The Nominees Are
probably the ramones
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1. Frank Sinatra - 710 songs
2. The Kinks - 451 songs
3. Ramones - 275 songs
4. Bad Religion - 220 songs
5. Joe Satriani - 203 songs
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Metallica, Megadeth and Guns N' Roses
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Metallica - 361 songs
Iron Maiden - 353 songs
Dark Tranquillity - 212 songs
Slayer - 211 songs
Black Sabbath - 203 songs
Turbonegro - 168 songs

Got plenty of live albums and stuff on all of them.
I have got about 280 Megadeth songs. All albums, bunch of live bootlegs, and live albums.
Luckily, you said artist, and not band.

I have 8 albums, by or including Serj Tankian and/or Daron Malakian.
System of a Down, Toxicity, Steal This Album!, Mezmerize, Hypnotize, Serart, Elect the Dead and Scars on Broadway.

I also have a massive collection of Enya, Queen, Black Sabbath and Metallica.
the beatles. tooo many

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teh pronz
50 eric clapton
31 eagles
30 bon jovi

i feel like my music collection is a tad smaller than every ones.
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Brand New-67
Blink 182-77

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RHCP 419
Metallica 372
Iron Maiden - 279.
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Well I have the whole Muse discography, including B-sides. I have all their covers, and have the Hullabaloo, Absolution Tour and H.A.A.R.P as video (originally bought as DVD).

So I have, probably every song released by Muse. Also been looking for a version of Plug In Baby where Matt wasn't restricted to using his full falsetto abilities, though nobody really knows where that went...
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