It's on my profile, named Bo Pang, feel free to listen to others if you'd like. C4C
I like it, the beginning sounds a lot like Crazy Train or maybe that's just me. Anyways, fantastic.
Pretty kool, sounds good, the vocals kinda remind me of a mix of Ozzy and Robert Plant. They only part of the vocals that sounded weird was whenever the singer shouted "Bo Pang" and a voice in the back kinda warbles a bit.The solos were good, and showed a lot of skill, but parts of them sounded too loose. I don't know if they were partly improvised or totally mapped out beforehand, but for instance at about 2:37 or so the first solo starts sounding kinda aimless, and the second solo sounds a bit more focused, but isn't as smooth in its transitions.

Overall: 8/10
First of all, I like the mix and feel of the song. Like other people said, sounds a lot like Ozzy/Plant vocals and Maiden guitars. The 2nd solo is much better than the first though. Nice work with the solos too. Pretty impressive. There's a pause at 2:54 between solos that I'd recommend taking out/filling it with something. I like the chorus too. It's pretty catchy, and its sung pretty well.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Yea, I understand why you'd say the 2nd is better, cause' the first was recorded before we really had an idea of how the song should sound...and the second I was more focused and ready for. Thanks again, and I shall crit your guys stuff as well!