yeah so im going to college in like a week freshman year and i had an idea, why not attempt to get some the first day. So im gonna get drunk and go up to some random hot ass chick and be like "yeah im gonna say it up front, your hot and i wanna **** youm lets go"

Yeah so let me know what you guys think cuz i think it will work
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i think it will be a fail, but go for it anyways
I'd like a chocolate shake.. with a whiskey chaser
doubt it will work but i' would give you props for doing it
What do you call mcdonalds?
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What's the harm in trying? Have fun, kiddo.
Does anyone know the song that goes: ba ba bah, ba ba buh, bu ba bum, ba ba bah, ba bu buh, bu bu bum, bu ba bu bu bum baam?
Do it, and remember...


Nah, kidding but do it, it will be hilarious
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What do people usually do after they **** their sisters?
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Yeah um sorry to be a downer but it won't work.
She's just going to laugh in your face.
Please post a pic of her laughing in your face.

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I could be totally cruel and tell you to do it, but I'll be nice and tell you you would be ****ing up big time. Its your first day, you don't want to gain a reputation as a pervert. Just be cool and make friends with people, the sex will come your way in time
This is the only outcome I can see happening:

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Dude...I know someone who tried this actually. And he just got laughed at. Some of the guys who never get pussy thought it was great, the other guys laughed at him as well. But, I do live in Britain...maybe American chicks put out more?
Good luck bud! Let us know the outcome. You probably won't get laid that way but maybe later on you might get her cause she will remember you as the ****faced guy who told her she wanted to bone. Then when she gets ****faced she might come to you. It might work in the long run but definately not at first.

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I hope you get too drunk and have sex with a guy

That's a horrible thing to say!!

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This will only work if there's a Sony Handycam in the immediate vicinity of the scenario.

I'm sorry, it's just how life works. vv
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Is it bad that I imagined you saying that in a really sexy voice?
do it, and make a new thread about how it went

and then

pics or it didnt happen
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You do know that things that happen in "pr0n" don't usually happen in real life, right?

You can't just go up to a girl with your Peter Cottontail in a pizza box and say, "Hey you ordered the extra sausage?" then proceed to getting head.

Peter Cottontail!
You fail. College is NOT like American Pie.
Need fashion advice?

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