Hey guys...I'm not a regular in the acoustic forum, but thought this would be the best place...\

Today in music calss no one had brought their homework presentation, so We kinda just sat around in the rooms...

But there is a full stage set up in the back corner, with mics and monitors and wedges etc...so our music teacher asked if anyone just wanted to do a performance....and we have solo assessments coming up so we had a few willing to.

Both were piano/vocalists...and they were really good....prompting our teacher to tell us how we "need that hunger to perform live" and we will eventually love and live it. he then tried to get a diff. guitarist to play and unsucesfully so then asked me... This brings me to my question...I didnt have a piece suitable....and was hoping you guys would have a few ideas?

I'm bnot a BAD singer but certainly not particularly talented...and would like any suggestions for ACOUSTIC and either space filling instrumental bits or easyish vocals..... I was thinking Minute by minute by grinspoon...or as an ABSOLUTE fallback cos its so cheesy wonderwall....but I have also been told to check ouyt a guy called matt finish? Any experience of him?

Anyway...suggestions please!
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