OK, i get so confused with all these articles and tips on how to really "clean your guitar", but too much info just is, well, too much.

I really need to know what are the best products and methods to clean the fretboard and body, and well, everything of a Epiphone PR-150 and the best products to maintain it in good health.
from my knowledge, i've heard its not good to polish your guitar ever single time your done with it. but it is good to wipe it down atleast everytime your done with it and polish ever few days. thats what i do and my guitar is in great shape.
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i don't polish or really clean mine and they look great and they have that certain feel to them that tells them that they are yours

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Well, I've had it for a decent 3 and a half months, so i think it needs a more detailed cleaning since i have the strings off of it right now, but that is where I get stuck.
just get dunlop polish and whip it down the people at guitar center can hook you up when ever i take my strings off i give my guitar a really good cleaing.
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There are some mist & wipe cleaners that work well with a wax base that you can use on any guitar.

If its just dusty then you can use a silicon cloth. They are sold in sporting goods stores (usually for cleaning guns).

On electrics with hard finishes I've used quality car cleaning products with good results, polish to remove some surface scratches and then wax for luster.

Goo-Gone is safe to use on guitars in case you need to remove any sticky material (old stickers, etc.).

If your frets are groady from wax build-up (you may notice after a lot of playing that wax and grime collect beneath the frets) then use lemon oil. It will remove the build-up and return a little moisture to the fretboard wood.

I bought a really nasty old ibanez not long ago, and went so far as to remove all the metal hardware and let the hardware soak in a jar full of mineral spirits. It will remove grime but not damage chrome finishes. You could use lacquer thinner or acetone as well, but make sure you don't put any plastic pieces in the jar as they will discolor.
Discolored skin gives me away.
If you have a rosewood board (or even ebony) use some lemon oil (NOT from an actual lemon) on it. Dunlop makes a decent product. For the body, on my two axes I just use a microfiber cloth. It gets the dust, smudges, grime etc. I havent polished my guitars once since buying them 8 and 4 months ago respectivley.