I bought an Epiphone Les Paul 100, as a modification project, I'm going to replace the neck with one of a higher quality, would a gibson les paul standard STYLE neck fit on there? The base width of the current neck is 56mm, the nut is 42mm.

Any feedback would be appreciated!
Yeah warmoth were my first choice, how can I find out the scale of the neck? I guess the epiphone website would have those specifications. I'm mainly doing it for cosmetic reasons, but I want to maintain full correct intonation etc
errr.... is it a set neck?

if so its not really do-able
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A set neck on a cheap Epiphone? Perish the thought young man, its a bolt on, this thread wouldnt exist twerent it for that fact!
you'll need to make your own neck. for some reason, epiphone refuses to use a standard neck pocket. why? I don't really know.
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errr.... is it a set neck?

if so its not really do-able

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The LP 100 neck doesnt corespond to any other neck. Dont think gibson makes anything with a bolt on and a set neck cant be bolted in. So theres not going to be anything higher quality to replace yours with. Its not a standard strat neck pocket so a warmoth wont drop in.