Wow , all I can say is that was an amazing piece. Kept it simple and catchy very good lyricism, and you have a very pleasing voice. It was perfect in my eyes usually I like to give at least some constructive criticism, but I don't see anything wrong with this.

if I see you post again I will most definitely check your stuff out from now on =)
Wow thats a beautiful song. loved the lyrics and singing and i mostly enjoyed the vocals. "easy to relate to" lyrics, the kind you feel deep about... i dunno, thats my favorite thing about vocals. very basic song structure, but catchy rhythm and groove, and listening deeply i can hear layering.. mostly only one lead on top but its subtle and flows very well, IMO. loved the ending and outro.

slash-120 - you can buy it on itunes, i found from the link.

edit: can you check out mine? it makes me feel like nothing compared to someone who obviously has such experience and talent with recording, but if you've got the time, it would be appreciated.

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Beautiful song man. Really enjoyed it

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Hey thanks for the possitive comments about the song... sorry there actually isn't a download of this version available right now, though there should be in the future on iTunes. But... there is a live version you can download from my website for free here:


it's the first song on there, not the greatest recording ever, but I'll let you know when this version can be downloaded. Thanks again!
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Wow thats a beautiful song. loved the lyrics and singing and i mostly enjoyed the vocals. "easy to relate to" lyrics, the kind you feel deep about... i dunno, thats my favorite thing about vocals.

Could not agree more and couldn't have put it better myself. Excellent vocals, and I could really relate to the lyrics/message which is always a huge plus. Very easy to listen to, its calming and the acoustic melodies have a rather soothing quality about them. The recording itself was pretty professional sounding, which always adds to the overall effect. All in all, a very well established piece of soul. =)
Dude, im a metal, heavy Metal listener, but hearing this, man, its awesome, the vocals, the guitars...
Awesome song.

Btw, there are 2 guitars on this song, or its a guitar and an acoustic bass playing high notes?
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hey rauLstradlinN (and others)

thanks for the compliments man, it's great when we can cross genre's as guitarists and appreciate things in all their lovely guitar goodness! But really thanks!

And to answer your question, yes there are two acoustic guitars in this (but now I'm thinking about getting an acoustic bass since you mentioned it!).
This is a truly beautiful piece, the guitars are gorgeous, makes me want to pick up a steel string acoustic..
The second guitar is a very tasteful touch as well.
What was your recording chain for vocals and guitar?

Good song
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first of all, cool chord proggression. the vocals were good, the way you end the lines reminds me of john mayer. the lyrics were pretty good, there were some parts i wasn't crazy about there, like the whole "lost in your eyes" bit, but otherwise, they were good. it's hard not to be cliche when writing pop..believe me i know lol.

thanks for the crit.
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Amazing song man. Vocals are very impressive, everything sounds great. Only personal gripe is use of "thousand miles"... just find that expressions like that are so abritrary and cliche, leaves a bit to be desired. Still sounds great though no question!

Thanks for the crit, throwing up a 2nd effort soon but now I feel a bit foolish hearing such professional stuff on here!
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Hey everyone, thanks for the comments, etc... sorry I haven't been prompt in replying. As for my setup...

For this I used my simple H4 Handy Recorder and multitracked the guitars and vocals using a cheap MXL 909 Vocal Condenser Mic. Editing program was cool edit pro.

Agreed about the lyrics. They are pretty cliche in spots!

Yeah, I know, kinda corny, but that's what I do, I write some songs! haha!

Thanks though, and I'll get to your crits.
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Just wanted to drop in again to say that if the mark of a good song is having it in your head and coming back to listen to it again, this one's a success (or at the very least, catchy). Came back to listen to it a bunch of times this morning

And if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I'd like to figure out the chords so I can do a crude proxy of it (since "cover" would imply having the talent to mimic it reasonably well).
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I really liked this a lot. Great job man. Vocals, guitar, recording are all great. How did you record this? It sounds so great! I might make the one guitar that's playing single notes a little quieter at some points in the song... It's an amazing song, though. I like the chord progression, lyrics, and your voice sounds great on the recording. I like the sound of the guitar too. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Let me know what you think of mine, too! - Links in sig.