Ancient Of Days is searching for a new vocalist in the Miami/Coral Gables/Downtown area that must fit the following requirements.

* 16-25 yrs old

* Must have a positive attitude and some spiritual background or belief, since the lyrics we write deal with many themes regarding faith, redemption and other uplifting/positive topics. (We're not a christian metal band...we just want positive and spiritually influenced people)

* Must be very dedicated, determined to succeed and be passionate about the band

* MUST be able to sing and be able to do low/mid/high screams well.

* You must have your own transportation, be on time and if possible, your own PA.

* We practice twice a week, Thursdays and Saturdays

* Clean, no drugs or alcohol.

* Must be willing to record during the week and help out with any things the band may need

* AoD prides itself in being a brotherhood. We're all good friends and chemistry amongst everyone is very important to us.

* You need to be very open minded. We are all very open to all styles of music and ideas. Nothing is ever too crazy to work.

* Must be able to play shows whenever

* If by any chance you play keyboard/piano/synth, that would be a HUGE bonus, but its not a requirement.

* And of course, no egos. Modesty goes a long way.

If you think you can do it or you know someone who does, message us at our myspace (www.myspace.com/ancientofdays) or contact David or Andrew.

Please serious inquiries only. Music is what we wanna do with our lives. If you dont want it as bad as we do, than we're not for you.

Thank you and God bless.

David 305 213 8611
Andrew 786 399 8008