This is Chad Smith's set-up. I don't want to buy it im just curious how much it costs.

Pearl Masters MRX 6ply Maple Drums & Sabian Cymbals:

Drums—Custom CeeLight Finish, Classic Silver Sparkle
12x10" Tom
14x14" Floor Tom
16x16" Floor Tom
24x18" Bass Drum
14x5.5" Yamaha Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Snare (Current Main Snare)
14x5" Pearl Masters Snare (bottom head & snare wire removed, used as a timbale)

Cymbals—Sabian (all with brilliant finish)
14" AAX-Celerator Hi-Hats
21" AA Rock Ride
19" AA Medium Crash
20" AA Rock Crash
10" AA Splash
20" AA China
21" Prototype China w/rivets (added to setup in late 2006)

Gon Bops Red Rock Bell Cowbell
Latin Percussion Red Medium Pitch Jam Block
Drum Heads—Remo
Toms: (12", 14", 16") Clear Emperors (top), Clear Ambassadors (bottom)
Bass Drum: (24") Clear Powerstroke 4 with Falam Slam Patch (back), Custom Design Powerstroke 3 head (front)
Snares (except timbale): (14") Coated CS Controlled Sound with Black Dot reverse (top), Hazy Emperor (bottom)
Snare/Timbale: (14") Clear Emperor (top)

T1000 Double Tom Stand (used as single tom stand)
2000C Pearl Eliminator Bass Pedal (with Vater Hard Felt Beater and Black Cam)
S2000 Snare Stand (x2)
H2000K Hi-Hat Stand
B1000 Boom Cymbal Stand (x2 for Ride & AA China)
C1000 Straight Cymbal Stand (x3 for both Crash Cymbals & AAX-Treme China)
CH-70 Cymbal Arm (For Splash)
PPS 37 Cowbell Holder
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I'd say around 37¢, a rubber band, and some pocket lint.
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Find a drum site, and search for each part. Add it up. You have your price.
I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say $74000.
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