ive been looking around, trying to figure out some theory stuff from the scraps i have seen here and there. I have been trying to teach myself to improvise leads, using scales and modes.

This little peice is what i have managed to do so far. its pretty much the first thing ive ever put together that actually uses music.

its a pretty relaxed paced solo using the C Ionian mode (which is also the C major scale right?)

at one point or another, most of these were made improvised by just rearranging the notes in the mode. I had to think about the tapping portion though. if the mode were to continue after the 13th fret on the 6th string, thats how i figured it would go. (whole whole whole is the next part of the mode i think)

i did the best i could on tabbing it. some people might remember how horrible my last tab was....drastic improvement here.
untitled solo.zip
pretty good, the start and end are a wee bit questionable (like the going up and down in fourths bit) but the rest of it is quite good, hard to tell though it might all sound good with the right rhythm part.

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Well, I thought it sounded a bit... disjointed. IDK. It sounded kind of weird to me, and I couldn't really get into it. Like the person above me said, it may sound good with the right rhythm. But, as of right now, it needs a lot of work. The tapping is the only section I found enjoyable. Sorry, man. 5/10

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