hi guys i've just cut out my guitar body and routed all the cavities, but i noticed that when i rest the neck in the neck pocket, there's a 1/8" gap between the body and the fretboard

i don't think this is right at all, and was thinking about using a router to get rid of that 1/8" in the neck pocket, but i was also thinking about taking 1/8" off the actual neck heel. or i could use a chisel for the pocket but i'll be sh**ing myself as i do it, i'm afraid of screwing it up

what should i do? if i take wood of the heel, how should i do it; with a saw, planner, sander, router?

all advice appreciated!
I'm not stubborn...just very annoyingly persistent
What guitar are you making? If it has a pick guard, take a look with the pick guard on - I haven't got a ruler to hand, but I reckon my strat has about an 1/8 between the pickguard and the body (no ruler handy to check!), but a lot of that is taken up by the pick guard
All my bolt necks have some sort of gap from the fret board to the top of the pickguard. Some less some more. You can only go so low before the saddles would bottom out and cant lower the action if need to.