I'm changing my stock INF2 bridge PU in my Ibanez for a Seymour Duncan Distortion.
The Distortion came with a wiring diagram, but the switching mechanism I use is different (just the stock IBZ 2502N 5-way switch).
I tried to look up what wire I should connect to what connection on the switch, but I couldn't find it because my PC wont load Harmony Central sites anymore
Anyway.. I was wondering if someone of you would be kind enough to help me out by either pointing out which wire corresponds to which (the INF2 has blue/bare, white, black and red and the SD Distortion has green/bare, black, white and red wires) or telling me what wire to connect to what connection

Your help is appreciated very much
just check the SD website...I think it's www.seymourduncan.com
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what guitar is that? assuming it's a Humbucker-Humbucker guitar, here's a quick link

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Okokok I wired it up following my gut feeling and it came it quite ok.. The only thing is in fourth position the inner coil from the bridge and both the neck coils are active, while it should be both the inner coils only.. Anyone know what I should do?