Hi all, just wanting your opinions on whether it's wise to customise a cheap guitar, excuse me if I ask dumb q's, quite new to guitars

I was given a Burswood (strat shaped) guitar for my bday - it has a rosewood fretboard, maple neck, 1 double coil pickup, only 21 frets.

Would it be possible/viable to customise it?

With new decent humbuckers for example, (can you install more than 1 with there only being one space?)

Would it make it any better?

And what would you recommend if it would?

Thanks in advance
depends on how good you are at wiring and customization. I would recommend (if your new to guitars) popping that double coil pickup out, and putting a pearly-Gates, or something of that type in it.. I put a pearly Gates in my Ephi-Les Paul and it really Diverse.. Wiring it will be easy since your only replacing one set of wires with another. you could bore out another chamber in your guitar for a 2nd pup, but then the wiring will be more complicated, and you could make your guitar look like ass. :-) ..

aside from that.. get a friend that's good with an Air-brush to make it look cooler if that's what you want..

and play around with your action till you get it just right..
First of all you need to take off the pickguard, and have a look what's underneath - just because there is only one pickup fitted, doesn't mean it's not a standard type body with a swimming pool route, or a HSS route, meaning you could fit more pickups. If that is the case you'd just need pickups and a new pick guard - and a wiring diagram from here:


EDIT: That is of course if by strat shaped, you mean it's like a strat with a pick guard, as opposed to a rear routed super strat or whatever.
Cheers for the replies. Was at work so couldn't upload any photos

I'm afraid it hasn't got a pickguard for entry - got a small entry point from rear. Here's a pic of the front and back (mobile phone pics so excuse quality)

I'm really just wanting to improve the sound quality, not too bothered bout enhancing look. I already have a standard strat so would like this one to have a thicker tone for more rock based songs

Cheers in advance