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I'm eating pizza now and was just curious how you guys like it as far as topping and what you put on it.

I've been a ranch guy for awhile but check this I've been switching to barbeque sauce on my pizza and I like it a lot better. Try it maaan.

I also rock a lot of peppers.
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pepperoni, fresh from the stone oven of my favourite italian restaurant. lovely^^
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Pepperoni, salami, jalapeños, green peppers, extra cheese and some herbs.




Pepperoni or some kind of spicy chicken.
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Like I like my women: With tuna.

for me. spicy.
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I made my own yesterday. Dead simple recipe. Just put some flour in a bowl, mix in water and more flour to make a dough, roll it out and put it on a hotplate so you can pick it up. Then top, and put in the oven.

I had cheese, tomato, basil and HUGE-ASS chunks of pork!!!
Cheese and tomato!!!

Or failing that pepperoni
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Xtra-Xtra-Cheese w/ stuffed Crust and an ton of pepperoni's ..

*Not for the elderly, or those w/ heart problems* LOL !
*or emo's*
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Like I like my women: With tuna.

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As long as it hasn't got pineapple on it, I'm good.

And this, WTF, fruits on a pizza?
italian base, with ham, cheese, pepperoni, salami, spicey beef, cajun chicken, onion, bacon, pork, basically any meat thats on the menu
of course the result is a very expensive trip to pizza hut, and me getting the meat sweats
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I like getting a Big Daddy from foxes with bacon, peppers, sausage, and pepperoni.
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Marcellina's with lots of pepperoni, basil, sundried tomatoes and cheese
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I made a pizza once with nearly every topping I could think of, and 6 types of cheeses. Most of it fell off when I tried to eat it.
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And this, WTF, fruits on a pizza?

Tomato is a fruit. You're eating fruit sauce on all your pizzas.
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Either cheese and garlic pizza OR a cheese plain pizza OR a cheese and pepperoni. That's as adventurous as you'll get me.
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my local pizza/kebab place does an awesome bolognaise pizza, where they use bolognaise sauce instead of tomatoes, then top it with tomatoes and onions and loads of cheese. for me, its an actual taste orgasm, its that good. i've been told i actually subconciously moan when eating it...
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I like a pizza with white parmesan sauce and at least 4 cheese topping, with pineapple and garlic and a fluffy crust
I just say surprise me to the guys at my local take-away. Made me some crazy stuff before until the day they decided they'd had enough and put icecream on it. Didn't charge me though thankfully.
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