i'm looking for bullet for my valentine's tone. i know they use 6505's thru mesa cabs.
any ideas of the mods they've had done to their amps or pedals they use?
5150 combo-jj tubes (preamp and power)-from what i understand they come stock with a fixed bias, but the guy i bought it from had a mod done so that it could be biased to EVH preferences.

schecter c-1 classic-seymore duncan pickups

bbe sonic stomp in fx loop

electroharmonix lpb and delay in front of amp.

schure wireless system

i also have a boss graphic eq and boss cs-2, but recentely took them out of my chain (i'm closer to the tone i want without them)
I think there is a thread called "NEWER Ultimate Settings Thread" or something of that nature. Try searching for that, it may have amp settings for Bullet for my Valentine. Keep in mind that the settings will most likely not be totally correct, but it will give you a good place to start.