My brother has a currently-knackered ZOOM 505ii multieffects, So we took off the backplate and had a look inside. It looks like one component Is knackered in the thing. It looks like it's burnt out - The component is pretty much stripped of the plastic covering you'd use to recognise it and there's a Pretty well defined scorch mark on the Circuit board. I'm assuming all I need to do to solve this is Relpace it - But I don't know what it was in the first place.

I have a camera, but the batteries are flat! I could take a picture with a webcam, But it's usually not very clear. The component is marked "R15" in the white text they print on the board to say where everything goes - So I'm assuming it's a resistor? It's situated just below the D.C. input jack,
Here's a crappy paint diagram:

If someone who owns one could, like, take a ohmmeter to theirs or something? you might even be able to tell just by the markings on it.

Any input greatly appreciated!
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They cost like 20 bucks on ebay.... just buy another.
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A new resistor will cost, Like 10p, I'm a student man, I need the money!
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I had a look on google images for ZOOM schematics, But there's nane - I'd imagine they'd be beyond hideously complicated anyway, but I thought they might Like, Black-box the Microchips or something.

EDIT: in case anyone else searches it, according to this guy R15 is 22 ohm. http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/971900/+0#entry24686882

so i will try it out in a bit and report back my results if it works.
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It worked a charm, it's back in full working order now. You might notice the white block sticking out the side... that's the new resistor. I went into maplin and logically thought since the old one burned out for the new one I picked the resistor with the highest wattage rating, only once I bought it I realised it was 2 inches long and unable to fit in the case. I just melted two holes in the pedal's casing with the soldering iron and glued it to the side.
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oh so now you have a camera to provide us a pic
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oh so now you have a camera to provide us a pic

nobody asked for your input, this was a report back in saying he was successful. his batteries were dead, had you taken the time to actually READ the thread.

Sweet, I found one of these pedals for 15 bucks recently. They are pretty cool.