Ok been into blues for a couple of years now and am really into bukka white at the mo,
cant find any tabs for his songs tho. does any one no any links? or reccomend any tab books
also what tunings does he use for most of his songs?
The man's name was Booker White, not Bukka.
Bukka was a racial slur.

Booker usually used crossnote tuning such as Open D Minor (DADFAD) or Open E Minor (the two being completely interchangeable). Once you get down Booker's playing technique which he called "Spanking the baby", it's pretty simple. Assuming you can finger pick, you will be fine. The Major chord is made by placing the first finger on the first fret of the F string (assuming you are in Open D Minor).

You don't need tabs for Booker White...it's not hard to play or work out.
Open minor tunings, eh? I've been meaning to mess around with those to get a different sound with my slide playing. Maybe I'll work out some Booker too...
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