I was looking at learning sweet child o mine because it's a really good song, and there are like 5 guitars in it. I was just wondering which parts only slash plays for example if he played live?
5 guitars? O.o
There's only 2 guitars dude.
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5 guitars? O.o
There's only 2 guitars dude.

he propably ment GP tab or something, theres usually too many guitar tracks in that than there really is
he plays the intro, main little riffs/interludes, solos and during the chorus he plays arpeggiated chords.

Guitar pro always seperates it into too many tracks.
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If you do what I still do, then you'll get his parts down. Id watch as many live versions of Sweet Child as I could find on youtube. Then I'd watch what he's playing and figure the rest of the stuff. I mean I learned it back when i took guitar lessons, but I took it to the next level.

And I still watch the videos.
i know what TS means. i looked in the guitar pro file for it, and they have all of the backing tracks listed seperatly.

just learn the basics of it first, such as the backing rhythm then the lead work
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It's actualy a pretty easy song if you just break it down and learn it in segments.
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did...you ...just call slash hot and talent-less?
if so,

1) LOL, FAG!
2) burn in hell

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