How do I get the guitar sound on the start Shine On You Crazy Diamond? I know there is an amp settings thread and i apologize mods but the setting in the thread doesnt sound right and ive tried so hard to get it but there is something about his sound that i just cannot get.

any help would be appreciated and sorry about posting this in here mods.
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lol, good luck. I have been trying to find the same tone for ages but cant quite match. I use chorus, little delay and some reverb on my amps clean setting. www.gilmourish.com this website has info on Gilmours tone and gear used.

- intro (neck pickup); clean signal with adjusted tone control
- Syd’s theme/sax solo (bridge pickup); clean signal with MXR Phase 90
- solo 2 (neck pickup); Colorsound mild boost
- solo 3 (bridge pickup); Colorsound heavy boost with MXR Phase 90
- rhythms (bridge pickup, 2 guitars paned left/right); Colorsound heavy boost

1974 -’75 (pre-release)
Stratocaster, neck pickup
- all parts; Colorsound mild boost with MXR Phase 90 and echo
Note: David did not play the intro solo on this early version.

1977 (post-release)
Stratocaster (neck pickup unless otherwise noted)
- intro solo; clean signal with Dynacomp
- Syd’s Theme; Dynacomp, Colorsound mild boost, Electric Mistress and delay (long feedback)
- “clean” solo; Dynacomp, Colorsound mild boost and delay
- “heavy solo” (bridge pickup); Muff, Colorsound mild boost and delay
- rhythms and middle solo; Dynacomp, Colorsound mild boost and delay
- outtro (sax solo); Dynacomp, Electric Mistress and delay
Note: Although the Yamaha rotating speaker was on for most songs, it’s a dominating effect while performing Shine On.
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If you know that there's already a settings thread, why would you post in a completely different forum

You've already got one post that seems pretty good... if you need more, either post in GG&A or try the Pink Floyd thread in Classic Rock.

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