Has anyone ever bought a guitar off ebay I was just looking and they have Lenny and a SRV tribute strat for like 700 $$ That has to be too good to be true.Lenny replicas are sold for 17,00.
Budget for new equipment:34 $
Total cost:1000

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chances are that that thing is a) only in there for a couple of minutes with a starting price of 700 bucks and will go up that much or b) (which is more likely) its fake


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I bought an Ibanez RG on ebay. I got a really great deal. You just gotta know what to watch out for. I say Email the guy about it.
I bought my Gibson privately for £1200 before Ebay emerged, I recently had to sell it for £800, Really thought I might have got a bit more for it but aparently they're now available new on Ebay for 6/700. Bloody thing, none of my ****s worth anything anymore.
ebays are alright if you wanna buy a guitar that's pretty cheap (like 1-300 USD or so)
but i would never buy expensive models from ebay..... never
so many fakes circulating, and in some cases, even the seller is unaware that he is selling a fake
yeah ebays fine, i got an firebird from there for £170, only thing you have to watch out for is tax when it comes to you, i dont know if it was because i imported it but i had to pay an extra £40 when i got it

but yeah, ebay are strict as hell, same as paypal, if you get a fake, just dispute there ass's and you'll get a refund trust me