Hi there,

This is my first post here in the UG.

I´m a regular visitor of this site a quite long time, searching for tabs or anything related with guitar, production audio etc. Since i have released this year my second EP called "2.0" and made almost the work (guitars, bass, drum programming and sampling) i thought this UG forum was the best way to promote and have some feedback from it!

The various UG foruns dedicated to sound recording or others related, or even just listening other home made projects, gave me the knowledge to make this home made EP listentable.

Thank you for sharing your experiences!

check it out!


I like the build up to 'Just a Phase'! Oddly enough, I've never really been a fan of death metal vocals but I quite like the vocals on 'Snowman'. Tight music man, sounds really good and precise.
holy ****.
that is badass

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Quote by T Man Prime
Ok everyone, who do you think is the heaviest band? Personally I think As I Lay Dying is the heaviest

this band have already 10 years of existence, but the line up broke up and only just me and vocals continue this journey

I tried a lot in this EP 2.0, to make a drum programming good enough to replace the great drummer i had in this band. (I will post some live videos soon from the first line up)

the pre-production for the first album his getting me crazy!

I have already 14 songs, and i will choose maybe the best 9 to include in this first album! programming all the drums is taking me nuts!

I dont care about what will be the sound of it, but since my fav bands its arch enemy, nevermore, meshuggah and scar symmetry, its easy to find out !

i have already some guitar videos from the solo sections of this EP 2.0 in my personal myspace (www.myspace.com/samydisa)

check out just for fun!