I've got an ibanez AG 95. I wonder if a pickup upgrade is advised in the long run or the stock ones are enough. If you had to choose some pickups for this thing what would they be?

I know.. i should think about a better amp too (got a vox pathfinder).
Depends on what you play. I would suggest something like '59s for mellow, more clean stuff, or Alnico Pros or Pro 2's for good clean and dirty stuff. But you should get a good amp first, something tube would be great.
Unless you find something particularly horrible with your guitar, and you've already changed to an amp you're happy with, then you might want to, but the amp is the majority of your tone. Pickups tend to be the last things to be changed.
well.. thanx guys.

i'll probably buy a compressor pedal and that's it.. i save up for something big and decide then.