hi there,

around this time last year i purchased :

MG412A Angled Cabinet x1
MG100HDFX Head x1

the head has been playing up for a while (i wouldnt reccomend it) and i really dont like the sound of the cab either (sounds really cheap even with a nicer head through it), we'll say my taste has changed due to be around friends who play top of the line framus cobra's, orange's and hughes and kettner's. i now regularly use it live and am taking it on tour soon, which im slightly dubious about because the tone is awful at loud volumes and im not into large racks of pedals cause im a simple guy haha.

so im now willing to step up, but i'll only really have enough for a new head or a new cab for now. the head seems pretty okay right now so i could either go out and buy an orange 2x12 cab for the head, or the tiny terror head. (im digging the orange stuff, its the perfect tone and feel for what i play)

any ideas on what i should do, or alternative stuff in the same sort of price range?
new head. no question. the tiny terror is a pretty bad ass amp, you could also look into avatar cabs, they're pretty decent and well priced.
I'd go with a new head, seeing as that's the part of your rig that really creates the tone. I think it'd probably make a bigger difference than replacing the cab.
i would say sell the head and cab, then gather up a bit more money and buy a used rocker 30 combo. but if thats not an option then get a new head

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Head. Avatar cabs are inexpensive, or you could always replace the speakers in you MG cab.
TS Why not sell the entire setup and get am all tube combo, 30-50 is more than enough for any gig, if you drop a mic in front of it. I like the oragne tone the Tiny Terror is a cool little amp that can get a flaby high gain tone when pushed really hard, and is a neat sound to say the least. How much are you willing to spend on a new amp?, because it hard to recomend any thing without a budget.
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im really attatched to using a head and cab now rather than a combo, i think the reason is that for shows im often not required to bring backline so i can just lug in my small head and be happy with that than carrying in a large amp (like our other guitarist).

so you think its best i just stick with a new head, then wait it out and get a new cab later? i suppose that was fairly obvious!

are there any other heads in that sort of range that provide the same kind of tone?
I'd get the head.

Also consider that the Avatar contemporary series cabs are almost identical to the Orange cabs.
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You'd probably need both. Honestly, no point in a good head if you're running it through a ****ty cab.
Get the head you want, then go for a good, budget cab. Sell your current gear, if need be.
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If you live in the uk buy that! it will be much better than a tiny terror through a crappy cab, otherwise if you dont i guess the tiny terror, but i'd take an avatar 212 over the mg cab any day.
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im slightly dubious on the loudness of the tiny terror. will it be okay without being micced up at medium sized venues, cause i play from small pubs and clubs to large 1200+ venues!? is there another option for maybe 400 thats louder, maybe a marshall?
Not if you want a good amp, no.

If you're playing 1200+ venues you'd need to mic it up. It shouldn't be a problem, any venue like that will have a PA.