Started out as a riff i played at a party a couple months ago, and it was stuck in every body's head, so I figured I make a song out of it.
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thats DAMN good!
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Nice job. I liked bars 58 and 62 a lot, and the interlude type of thing reminded me of van halen. Also, the use of irregular rhythms was way cool, like 5-lets and you had 3's on the kick drum during that interlude, I play a lot of triplets, but not a lot of 3 notes of 16th notes, it was cool.

What I didn't like was the drop D fifths over and over again, throw some other stuff into it, it'll make the piece exciting to listen to, and it will have a cooler sounds than all those power chords.

Opening riff was cool too.


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Wasn't a huge fan of the first riff, it seemed to sporradic.

The second riff was okay, but it didn't really grab me.

I loved what the second guitar was doing on bars 26+28.

The chugging at 41 was wierd and didn't stay in time with drums.

The solo was okay, but there was too much wankery, imo. You used a little too much wide vibrato, it made it sound wierd.

The clean guitar part at 85 seemed impossible to play, the harmonized guitars sounded pretty cool though.

Starting at 120 to about 128 it seemed like you were just putting random notes into GP. It did not sound very good, tbh.

Wow, 163 was not possible at all lol.

Well I guess that just really wasn't my style. Some parts just seemed random to me, and there was nothing in it that was very memorable. But it still had it's moments. 7/10. Keep it up.
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nice piece ,


1-4 didn't really like the riff it seemed a bit to confusing and not pointing enough to the following part

following riff is great really sounds nice

the 3030 interlude is a bit boring in my opinions so are the following chords

the lead work in the following part in quite good , the harmonics fir in well , too

the mood in the acoutic part is also great like it very much
like 128 sounds cool , the following leads are a bit strange but it might just be my taste

153 to 156 is really cool, the outro is not that good in my opinion because its really fast and doesnt carry out the feeling of the piece , i think it just sounds a bit like if you really did want to come to an end but didn't really know how so you just put a shred in there and then it was over , maybe if you don't change it you could pick up the intro again in the outro or something like this

all in all pretty good 7/10

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that's gotta be one of the most random things I've every heard but it works. I was actually quite surprised at it, to be honest.

Now, a few things:

--The little solo you have on Track 2 at measure 111 was sweet. BUT, I don't like how you keep using it over and over again. Using the first bar with the the bent 15th fret and the wide vibrato on the 19th over and over didn't bother me. A lot of good songs have the same intro to multiple solos (think Disposable Heroes and Hangar 18). But it was the rest that bothered me. Keep the first measure of each, but add something different after that so you're not repeating yourself too much. That solo's great, so I know you can come up with something to replace the next two.

--Please don't repeat measures 149-152. I thought track 1 was getting a solo of its own, but then I saw the repeat bars and it ruined it for me. That too is a good solo, and it'd be better if you didn't have those repeat bars.

--The outro needs some work. As previously stated, it doesn't carry out the overall feeling of the song. It kinda reminds me of a dizzy person. It just stumbles and falls over itself.

But hey, don't let the negative feedback get to ya because you've got something really great here. Personally, I wouldn't even write lyrics for this. Fix where it needs to be fixed, and you've got yourself one beast of an instrumental. 7/10 as-is. A perfect 10 if the three things I mentioned get fixed.

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Greatly appreciated
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That was pretty good, loved 50-52... I wasn't really into the Intro clean guitar but it was okey. But i think the rest was good and also I think you should add a bass
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