I started making miniature guitars … 24 years ago, when I saw for the first time the B.C.Rich guitars used by Paul Stanley, the Les Paul used by Ace Frehley and the Axe bass used by Gene Simmons. In this time, I loved making model kit, so I decided to try to make it in miniature. Believe me, it was horrible. But with time, I continue and learn all I can about the guitars and how to make it.
KISS was using a lot of Gibson guitars so I felt in love with this company and the Les Paul is the most beautiful guitar ever create. I’ll show you later the Les Paul I made, some were offer to Ace Frehley, Aerosmith and Slash.

All the guitars I made are in a ¼ scale, 12” lenght. The body is on wood, the hardware is in plastic, die cast and resin. The strings are are in electric cord braided to respect the various sizes.
These are One Of A Kind miniature and request a lot of time to make it.

So I start with some Explorer models.
The first one is a one of the first model produced in 1958. With a very rare V head and the Gibson logo that used on Flying V model.
The second is a classic Korina finish Explorer.
The third is a rare model with a Bigsby vibrato from 1958.

If The Sun Refused To Shine
I Would Still Be Loving You
Mountains Crumble To The Sea
There Would Still Be You And Me

My Stuff
Gibson Les Paul Studio
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Washburn Acoustic
Dunlop CryBaby
Epiphone G-400!!!!!!!!

Washburn Bass!!!

Cordovox tube amp

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