hey guys. i have a japanese fender jaguar. i've done the usual mods like replacing the bridge with a mustang bridge and adding a buzzstop. the only problem i have left is the pickups. i LOVE the bright, twangy, cutting sound of the pick-ups. this is why i bought the guitar, however when i play with my band i get an ear shattering high pitched squeal whenever i play with heavy distortion. it's not the good sustain like feedback, sheer microphonic feedback. any suggestions how to fix this? i read that japanese jaguar pick-ups aren't wax potted, if i got this done, would it make a difference? if you don't think so, do you happen to know any replacement pickups that would still keep the biting, trebly tone, but cut back on the squeal?

please help, thanks.
It might, but what you might want to do is change out the pickups. IF you really don't want to do that, you could put a second dummy coil somewhere in the body where it won't effect the tone but will cancel hum and feedback. I'd say try potting the pickups first though
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I've heard the Japanese SS models are prone to this and I've heard of varying results by getting the pickups wax dipped. I think the most reliable solution would be to either check out Seymour Duncan's Jaguar pickups (the vintage ones are equalized simillarly to the ones in your Jaguar now and sound better, imo) or to get a set from the American Vintage series -- which sound simillar but are built better -- or if you're feeling rich, pickups from an actual vintage jaguar.
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