So i just got done playing my marshall 1974x, absolutely worth every penny, but it just shut off and cant get any power. I know these have transformer problems, but this has the newer transformer already in it and from what I hear weird noises, possibly smoke come with a blown transformer. So anyone have an idea to what could be wrong?


I have a 1974x and recently while playing it shut off and wouldn't power up. I checked the fuses to find the main fuse blown, so after checking all the innards for anything suspicious I replaced it and powered up. It blew in a fraction of a second. I continued doing this procedure of checking then powering up with a new fuse first removing the power tubes and then the rectifier tube with the same result. Nothing looks blown or damaged on the inside, and I believe all the tubes to be fine.
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Check the fuse in the plug and next to the power lead input would be your first option...

If it's not one of those fuses blown, next best thing is to take it apart (if you know what you're doing and only after you've left it unplugged for awhile to allow the capacitors to drain) and see if any components look burnt
Check everything prior to power up and found nothing , so I put the replacement fuse in but when I powered up it still blows the fuse. Anything?

Is it plugged into a surge protector? If its plugged into one with other things it can shut off because its not giving off enough power.
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power and rectifier tubes definitely are not the problem, and its on its on complete circuit by itself too.