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Im a newbie...But i really wanna learn...
Is it cool to get a guitar from target!??
or find something else??
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Before you settle for a lesser instrument from target, try your local adsack or freecycle listing. Remember you always move up when you start learning. The couple of department store guitars I have used didn't stay in tune well, I am not sure if its from poor construction in the neck and fret board. Usually the strings are less than desirable and you should find some more suitable for beginners.
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no guitar related questions here
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To be honest, i wouldnt start on a guitar from target. Going the cheapest as possible route isnt good because you will end up with a crappy, difficult to play guitar, that will put you off playing.

I would suggest asking here for more advice on what kind of guitar to get

Oh and btw, like mikko said. No guitar related questions here. This forum is for new members to introduce themselves and for all members to ask about the working of the site

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ok thanks i wont make that mistake

and ok..I'll just go to the guitar center...tomorrow!!